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Wellness incentive Park Zeegser Duinen

Wellness incentive Park Zeegser Duinen

Employee well-being has become a hot topic for all companies. One way to reward employees is by offering self-time. When an employee or team meets their performance targets, offering a short holiday in an inspiring environment can be the ideal way to retreat and recharge for the next challenge.


Reward the team or employees with a weekend or midweek of peace, space and greenery at a unique location in the Netherlands with a wellness incentive. This incentive is there to motivate the team to make healthier choices, give room for creativity and boost physical & mental well-being.


In the National Park the Drentsche Aa, lies Park de Zeegser Duinen. An unspoilt piece of the Netherlands in the north of Drenthe where a centuries-old stream, the Drentsche Aa, meanders its way through the varied nature along heathlands, sand drifts, woods and meadows. The city life of Groningen (20-minute drive) and Assen (15-minute drive) is also within reach.


Different types of luxury lodges can be found in the park for 4-6 or 8 people. All lodges have at least two bedrooms, kitchen, spacious living room & outdoor garden with terrace. There are also various wellness facilities that can be booked at the lodge such as a Finnish sauna, jacuzzi or sun shower.


During the day, you can hike in the surrounding National Park De Zeegser Duinen. Extend the walks with a professional forester or choose to dive into nature by bike. There are several locations where stops can be made for a short break or healthy lunch together.

In the evening, extensive cooking can be done at the lodge or visit the nearby village of Zuidlaren, with plenty of restaurant options for a fun night out.


The result of a few days of rest and in nature, will soon be felt in the workplace. For instance, it helps with the rejuvenation of the team and the creativity and mentality of the employees. This translates directly into better results and a clear incentive in the team to achieve the results for next time as soon as possible.

Book the next stay at Park de Zeegser Duinen or contact us for a tailor-made proposal for the upcoming wellness incentive!