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Book a wellness day at Thermen Maarssen


Combine the comfort of a stay at Suitelodges Gooilanden with the relaxation of a visit to Thermen Maarssen in Maarssen, a 25-minute drive from the Suitelodges.

Thermen Maarssen not only offers a serene wellness experience, but also adds an extra touch of beautiful nature thanks to its idyllic location on the Maarsseveense Lake. While enjoying spa facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and relaxation rooms, you will be treated to a breathtaking panorama of the Maarsseveense Lake area.


The view of the calm water and expansive horizon adds to the spa's tranquil atmosphere, immersing visitors in a world of luxury and well-being. Whether you relax on one of the terraces overlooking the lake or enjoy a treatment with the soothing sound of rippling water in the background, Thermen Maarssen offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable spa day where wellness and natural splendour go hand in hand.



Promotion conditions

Promotion conditions:

* The package is bookable (supplementary) from 15 November 2023

* The tariff is valid on weekdays and weekends