Luxury villas Ameland

Luxury villas Ameland

A holiday on Ameland means enjoying the fresh air, the beautiful unspoilt nature and the peace and quiet of the beaches.

Once you walk on to the boat, you will experience the real holiday feeling, away from it all! The luxury villas on Ameland are located directly at the dunes and only 1 kilometre from the wide sandy beach. From the central location in Ballum you can enjoy cycling, walking and exploring the island. View our villas and book your favorite villa on Ameland.


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Above the Frisian mainland lies perhaps the most beautiful island of the North Sea: Ameland!


Ameland is pre-eminently an island where unspoilt nature with forest and dune areas, sunny beaches, authentic villages and a vibrant nightlife are combined into a wonderful holiday destination. Ameland guarantees a fine mix of culture, history, beautiful nature, fine sandy beaches, cozy villages, good nightlife and good food. Divided over the four villages there are about 3500 inhabitants on the island. 

The island is a good destination at any time of year to really get away from it all. In autumn it is wonderful to enjoy the last warm rays of the sun, but also the stormy days are exciting and spectacular. In winter there is no better place to get some fresh air. In spring it is beautiful: the lambs frolic between the flowers and the fresh greenery and everywhere you feel the energy of the burgeoning nature. And about summer we can be brief: pure enjoyment!


Beaches on Ameland

Ameland has great sandy beaches all along the North Sea coast. The beaches are never really crowded; a few hundred meters to the left or right from the beach entrance and you are all alone again.

From your luxury villa on Ameland it is only a 1 kilometer walk to the beach of Ballum. The beach of Ballum is an excellent place to enjoy the beautiful nature and the many Wadden birds. The beach of Nes is a short distance from the boat, with a beach pavilion and a restaurant just inside the dune. In the summer months there is a lot of day tourism here and the beach can be a bit busier. From the beautiful beach of Hollum you have a view of the island of Terschelling.
All beaches have free parking facilities.


Nature reserve the Oerd and the Hon

From your villa you can make beautiful bike rides and walks to the nature reserves the Oerd and the Hon.

Het Oerd is located in the eastern tip of Ameland and is a large dune area with some high dunes and humid dune valleys. To the east of this lies the Hon, a vast area consisting of a beach plain with young dunes and a large salt marsh on the mud flats. Together they form a nature reserve of international importance. It is a very varied landscape with high dune tops and low-lying valleys with dune lakes. From high dunes you have a beautiful view over the nearby salt marshes, where thousands of birds rest at high tide. More than sixty bird species breed here and there is a rich vegetation, varied by the great variety in the landscape. From low to high, from salt to sweet, from dry to wet and from low limestone to calcareous.

Het Oerd is an old overgrown dune area with a few high dunes and humid dune valleys. The Hon area is still constantly changing, new dunes are forming here and the salt marsh is steadily expanding.


The village of Ballum

Ballum is with 370 inhabitants the smallest village of Ameland. In the village there are still many houses from the 18th century and the old farms in the village remind of the agricultural past. In the cozy center you will find a supermarket and several restaurants. You can also go here for the famous Ameland drink 'Nobeltje' in the authentic hotel Nobel!