Sustainable cleaning at Dutchen

Sustainable cleaning at Dutchen

Unique Cleaning at Dutchen 


At Dutchen we are always looking for a good balance between guest comfort, good hygiene and good for the environment. We use 90% microfibre technique which does not require the use of any cleaning product For stubborn dirt we use as much as possible biodegradable cleaning agents with EU Ecolabel but sometimes we unfortunately have to use a more persistent disinfectant to maintain hygiene.

All houses in each park have a checklist that has to be completed every change. In addition, several times a year we clean the periodicity, clean the windows and give the houses an Ozone treatment. Ozone is the environmentally friendly way to fight bacteria and viruses. Basically, Ozone is nothing else than oxygen (O2) to which an extra oxygen atom is attached by means of electrical high voltage >10,000 Volt, which creates an Ozone molecule (O3). In nature, Ozone is produced during certain chemical reactions. The best known example is the Ozone Layer, where Ozone is produced by the ultraviolet rays (Uv-rays) of the sun. But Ozone is also produced during thunderstorms, due to the extremely high voltages involved. One can smell the fresh scent after a thunderstorm is Ozone. In Corona time, we used ozone between the changeovers very often.


Check-out and check-in

The time between the departure of one guest and the arrival of the next is only 5 hours. And sometimes even less time because guests book a late check-out or an early check-in, which requires good planning and a top team. Our Dutchies can handle the high time pressure. We work as much as possible with permanent staff, so that the work is done with maximum efficiency. We ensure that the holiday home is perfectly cleaned in the short time between check-out and check-in. 

That is why we ask guests to fill and turn on the dishwasher, take out the rubbish and take home any left-over groceries. 


Our top Dutchies

Working in the cleaning business is sometimes undervalued but not at Dutchen. Whether they are employed by an external company or by us; we take good care of them. No matter how beautiful our homes are or how well you are served by the reception desk or telephone, if a home is not clean, something goes wrong. If you find something not quite right in the property? Please let us know. Then we can point this out to our toppers and fix it for you. Are you happy with the clean house? Then we would also like to hear it so we can compliment the toppers. 


Sealed linen package

Dutchen is one of the very few companies with holiday homes where almost no linen is sealed. That saves 10 bags of plastic for a 4 person holiday home. 


Service sets

On arrival at our holiday parks, you will be given a paper bag per accommodation with items that are useful or are sometimes forgotten by guests. There are coffee cups (biodegradable and can go in the green bin), tea, salt and olive oil for the first day. But also a 100% biological detergent, rubbish bag, cloth and a biodegradable scouring pad made from coconut (which can go in the green bin).