Complaints or tips

Complaints or tips

Do you have a complaint or a tip despite all our efforts? We would like to hear from you as we are always looking to improve our service and the holiday parks.

Do you have a complaint or tip?

Are you still staying with us?

We like you to tell us right away if something is not entirely as desired or expected. That way we can do everything in our power to adjust or improve it right away. So please pass it on as soon as possible at the reception or the flying desk.


Do you have a complaint or solution after your stay?

1 – Please send your complaint or tip to Please also mention the holiday park/house you stayed in and the period that you have stayed with us.

2 – An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent.

3 – You will reply with a response/solution as soon as possible depending on each case. We want to make sure to sort everything out before we come with the best possible solution.