What to do on Texel in summer

What to do on Texel in summer

Familie zomer Texel tips

Texel is the ideal destination for your summer holiday. The largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands and 30 kilometres of fine sandy beaches where you can sunbathe and swim. Texel's unique nature also provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities such as cycling or hiking, and the nature reserves are a paradise for ornithologists. Stroll through the picturesque villages, taste local delicacies, climb the striking lighthouse or watch seals - at Ecomare or in the Wadden Sea.


Our holiday parks Park Duynzoom near De Koog and Park Waddenduyn near Den Burg offer the perfect starting point to explore the island. Read our tips below:


Beach hopping

Totally untouched, supervised, dog or nudist - with more than 30 km of fine sandy beach, Texel has the beach of your dreams. If you get hungry, one of Texel's 11 beach pavilions is never far away.


Cooling down on hot days

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a cool ice cream. And you can make it yourself at two places on Texel: at IJsboerderij Labora in De Cocksdorp and at Novalis Hoeve Texel in Den Hoorn. Delicious!

Sea creatures

A mudflat walk is a fun and educational experience that everyone should try at least once. Experienced guides take you along the seabed and reveal exciting facts about the unique flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea.


Seals feel completely at home in the Wadden Sea around Texel. If you want to take a closer look at these cuddly animals, you can do so in the seal sanctuary Ecomare or on a seal tour by boat. If you have always wanted to look over the shoulder of a shrimp fisherman, you can learn all kinds of interesting facts on a boat tour.


Nature lovers take note

Texel is also known as the Netherlands in miniature. With a length of only 20 kilometres and a width of 8 kilometres, Texel has all the landscapes of the Netherlands: from polders to dunes, from heathland to forest and, of course, beach and mud flats. This varied landscape and the island's location ensure that many birds feel at home here or make a stopover on transit. This means that ornithologists are in their element here. The cycle route along Texel's most beautiful bird areas is highly recommended.

Oudeschild Texel

Active on land and water

The best way to enjoy the picturesque nature on Texel is on a cycle tour or walk along the well-marked routes. For those who like it even more active, Texel has the longest mountain bike route in North Holland.


Texel is also an absolute paradise for water sports enthusiasts. On both the North Sea and Wadden Sea sides of the island, you can windsurf, kite surf, sea kayak or stand-up paddle. Surfing is also possible on the North Sea side of the island.


Cultural insight into island life

Visit the charming village of Den Burg, considered the cultural heart of the island. Stroll through the narrow streets, explore the small boutiques and watch the hustle and bustle of the village from one of the cosy terraces. Two museums focusing on the history of the island and its inhabitants are the Maritime & Beachcomber's Museum Flora, which tells the story of seafaring and beachcombers, while the Kaap Skil Museum is dedicated to the history of the islanders and their relationship with the sea.

Culinary discoveries

Enjoy the island's culinary delights in its cosy restaurants and beach pavilions. Try local specialities such as Texel lamb, beer, beachcomber or fresh fish from the North Sea to experience the authentic flavours of the island.


Summer evenings at the lighthouse

A visit to Texel's striking lighthouse is an absolute must. Climb the 118 steps of the lighthouse and enjoy the fantastic panoramic views. Bring a picnic blanket and experience the sunset on the beach while listening to the soothing sound of the sea.