Wellness weekend in a holiday home

Wellness weekend in a holiday home

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Escape the daily rush and stress and leave worries completely behind you. Recharge your batteries in a natural, peaceful environment and immerse yourself in luxury and wellness. Sounds like a dream? 


At Dutchen, this dream can become reality! Dutchen's luxury holiday villas are the ideal place for a wellness weekend in a holiday home, together with your partner or friends. All holiday villas are located at special locations along the coast or near beautiful nature resorts. Each holiday villa is unique not only because of its architecture but also because of its luxurious interior. Many holiday villas have their own wellness facilities such as a whirlpool, sauna or steam bath - ideal for a fully arranged wellness weekend in a holiday home.  


To make your wellness weekend in a holiday home an unforgettable success, we have a few more tips for you:

Wellness tip 1: Prepare your wellness weekend

The perfect wellness weekend in a holiday home requires some preparation. Get together a playlist of relaxation music in advance, think about what is available in the holiday home and what you all need, bring candles and delicious and healthy food. 


Wellness tip 2: Create a relaxed atmosphere

When you arrive at the location for the wellness weekend in a holiday home, try to create the right atmosphere right away. Make sure the indoor temperature is nice, put towels on the heater, turn on your relaxation music and light a few candles. Put your phone out of reach or even switch it off completely. Just focus on the here and now. 


Wellness tip 3: Eat well and healthy

Tasty and healthy food don't exclude each other. Well-being and feeling good in your body also has a lot to do with food. So focus your wellness weekend in a holiday home on good and tasty food. Start your day with a warm oatmeal from the oven with red fruit. Tasty and easy, you only need a few ingredients for this. Deliciously fresh and healthy for lunch is a salad with coloured beetroot and goat cheese. As a snack, set out a shelf of seasonal fruit. In the evening, enjoy a delicious aubergine and sun-dried tomato stew, which you can easily prepare in a pan. For dessert, we recommend the happiness mousse, which, thanks to the addition of banana and avocado, besides being incredibly delicious, is also extremely healthy.


Wellness tip 4: Treat your skin to a wellness moment

Skin masks are easily self-made and have a rapid impact. Within minutes, your skin will look healthier, fresher and better. Wash and exfoliate your face, apply a mask and let it soak in. Depending on the mask's penetration time, rinse your face carefully with water afterwards. Peelings free the skin of dead skin cells and help with natural regeneration. With 2 cups of sugar, 2 tablespoons of sea salt and 10 tablespoons of olive oil, make a sugar peel yourself. Then moisturise the skin with a fine moisturiser.


Wellness tip 5: Go to the sauna

Sweating in the sauna is good for you! For instance, classic Finnish saunas boost your resistance and overall health, while infrared saunas' are extra good for your muscles. Take a warm foot bath to prepare your body for the sauna. Then shower and dry off well before entering the sauna. Place your towel on the bench so that your skin is not in direct contact with the wood. Stay in the sauna for 8-12 Minutes at a time, maximum 15 minutes. Take a cold shower after leaving the sauna. Let your body cool down well and relax for a while in a bathrobe before re-entering the sauna. At Dutchen you will find a wide range of holiday houses with private sauna. In some of the holiday villas, the private sauna is located in the garden, while in other villas the sauna can be found in the house itself.


Wellness tip 6: Take a bath

A hot bath provides the ultimate relaxation for body and mind. In a bathtub, as available in the Suitelodges Gooilanden, you can enhance the relaxing effect of the bath with fragrant products. Taking a sea salt or milk bath will also do something for your skin. For the milk bath, pour 1 litre of milk, 3 tablespoons of honey and almond oil into the bath water. 

A whirlpool bath also provides relaxation and, especially in the colder months, offers a very pleasant contrast to the fresh air outside.


Wellness tip 7: Dive into nature

In Japan, people have known it for a long time: the way to a happy and healthy life, leads through the forest. Shinrin-yoku' or 'forest bathing' is consciously immersing yourself in the forest for meditation, providing ultimate relaxation. So during your wellness weekend in a holiday home, seek out nature regularly and try to consciously observe it so that the daily rush and worries are forgotten for a while.


Wellness tip 8: Get a good night's sleep

A good night's sleep completes the wellness weekend in a holiday home. Dutchen's holiday homes are all equipped with beds with comfortable mattresses and are located in quiet locations so you can sleep undisturbed by street and environmental noise. End the day with a feel-good drink and a good book to help you fall asleep relaxed. Don't set an alarm clock the next morning and sleep deliberately.