Texel in winter: activities and tips

Texel in winter: activities and tips

Texel strand winter

The Dutch island of Texel is renowned for its breathtaking nature, endless beaches, and charming villages. Even in winter, Texel exudes a special magic. Away from the hustle and bustle of summer, you can experience the island in its serene beauty and enjoy a variety of unique activities. In this blog post, we introduce you to some of them:


Beach walks

Winter is the perfect time to explore Texel's secluded beaches. With the wind in your hair, the waves in your ears, and the vast horizon before you, the stresses of everyday life quickly fade away during a beach walk. Fancy a change of perspective? Then climb the Texel lighthouse and marvel at the impressive view. Afterwards, warm up with a hot chocolate or Texel herbal liqueur by the fireplace in one of the beach pavilions. Many beach pavilions are open year-round.

Fresh air and adrenaline rushes - Active on Texel

Did you know that Texel boasts the longest mountain bike route in North Holland? Stretching a full 100 km, it takes you on a diverse journey through forests, dunes, and fields. An advanced 8 km mountain bike route cuts through the De Dennen forest area. If you didn't bring your own mountain bike, you can easily rent one from a bike rental on the island. More information can be found on this website.


Hiking enthusiasts will also get their money's worth on Texel in winter. The island offers a diverse network of well-marked hiking trails that lead through varied landscapes.

From idyllic dune landscapes to picturesque forests and extensive beaches, Texel offers an impressive variety of hiking opportunities. Our colleague Mart recommends a hike through the nature area of De Slufter.


Another enjoyable activity in winter on Texel is a guided mudflat hike. Texel is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, and during a hike over the seabed, you'll get to know the unique flora and fauna of this extraordinary environment.

Birds Texel

Bird watching

Texel is a true paradise for bird watchers even in winter. Many bird species winter on the island, providing fascinating insights into the world of birds. You'll find plenty of information about bird watching on Texel on this website. Our tip: Borrow a pair of binoculars from the Bird Information Center, set out on your own, or join a bird watching excursion.


Into the museums!

Texel has a rich history, illuminated in various museums on the island. The Maritiem-en Juttersmuseum Flora tells tales of seafaring and beachcombers, while the Kaap Skil Museum presents the history of the islanders and their relationship with the sea. Ecomare is Texel's nature center dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea. In winter, special events and tours provide insight into the diversity of Nordic flora and fauna.

Village strolls

Even in winter, Texel's villages exude a special atmosphere. The cozy streets lined with charming houses are extremely inviting. Take a leisurely stroll through the small boutiques and shops where you can purchase local products and souvenirs.


The taste of Texel

Texel's cuisine offers numerous delights even in winter. Be sure to try local specialties like Texel lamb, beer, Juttertje (herbal liqueur), or fresh fish from the North Sea.


Sheep cheese has been produced on Texel since the 16th century and has its very own, distinct flavor. Texel lamb meat is known for its tender and succulent taste. Both products can be purchased at the farm shop of Hoeve Vrij en Blij. Our recommendation: Enjoy a Texel pancake with lamb ham and sheep cheese by the open fireplace at Boerderij Eethuis Catharinahoeve. If you're looking for an evening of fine dining on Texel, where organic and local products take center stage, then restaurant Op Oost is the perfect address.


From the four island breweries on Texel, a variety of beers emerge that you absolutely must try during your stay. Other spirits like Texel wine from Wijngaard De Kroons, TX Gin from Stokerij Texel, whisky from De Lepelaar, and Juttertje, the famous Texel herbal liqueur, are also worth a taste.

Kerstmarkt Texel

Wellness and relaxation

Winter is the perfect time to treat yourself to a break. How about yoga on the beach, ice bath training according to the Wim Hof method, or therapeutic boxing? All of these activities are available on Texel. The coziest form of wellness and typically Texel is 'Woolness', a bath in warm wool from real sheep. The wellness facilities in your villas at Park Duynzoom also invite you to relax and unwind.


Texel in December

Experience the Advent or Christmas season on Texel, complete with traditional Dutch treats like "Oliebollen" (deep-fried dough balls). From December 1st, you can find an Oliebollen stand at Albert Heijn in Den Burg. On December 13th, a Christmas market is organized at Maartenshuis in De Koog, and on December 16th, 2023, a festive Christmas market will be held in the historic center of Oosterend. If you're on Texel for Christmas, be sure to join the gathering in De Koog on Christmas Eve. From 7:00 pm, the most famous Christmas carols will be sung around the village square Christmas tree. If you're spending New Year's on Texel, the Nieuwjaarsduik (New Year's Dip) in the North Sea is a must. There's no better way to start the new year!