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Holiday homes Gelderland

Gelderland has a very varied landscape. On the Veluwe, vast heathlands alternate with rugged sand drifts, dense woods and water-rich areas.  A beautiful and quiet nature reserve which is very accessible by an extensive and well-organised network of cycle and walking routes. We now have luxurious holiday rentals in Aalten and Geesteren.

Video: Gelderland van boven
Video: Gelderland van boven



Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands and offers a variety of nature and landscapes. The Betuwe is known for its fruit, the Achterhoek for its manors and castles and leafy deciduous forests. On the Veluwe you will find Hollands pride: The National Park ‘’De Hoge Veluwe’’. Here, nature lovers indulge themselves with great walking- and biking tracks.  A vacation in Gelderland offers something for everyone, with a variety of amusement parks, zoos, museums and spas.



This small town is located close to the tourist places Lochem and Ruurlo, where you will find many sights and small cozy restaurants. Ruurlo has the largest maze in the Netherlands.


De Achterhoek

De Achterhoek is, thanks to the comprehensive cycling system, nationwide one of the best scoring bike regions. Soon there will be a walking network added as well!