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Baayvilla's, Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer

Baayvilla’s is a new project consisting of twelve modern villas which sleep 6-8 people at a unique location directly adjacent to the Lauwermeer nature reserve. The holiday homes are situated in the lee of a marina with the look over a spectacular view of the water. Within walking distance of the Wadden Sea.

Een gedeelte van het park is nog in aanbouw; de overlast wordt tot een minimum beperkt.

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Type: 8-person holiday home

Baayvilla 12

New to rent: luxury 7-person holiday home directly on the Lauwersmeer lake. You can enjoy the sun on your own jetty while your children are having fun in the water. The villa rental includes 7 rental bikes for adults for you to explore the beautiful area with.

Type: 6-person holiday home

Baayvilla 7

New: Baayvilla’ 7 at National Park Lauwersmeer with a spectacular unobstructed view of the water.

Baayvilla’s is a new project consisting of twelve modern 6- to 8- person villas, on a unique location right next to nature park, The Lauwersmeer. Pictures will be added shortly!

Type: 6-person holiday home

Baayvilla 8

Baayvilla 8 is currently under construction. This brand new 6-person villa is available for rent from April 1st, 2017.

Type: 6-person holiday home

Baayvilla 9

Baayvilla 9 is situated on a unique location right next to nature park The Lauwersmeer, within walking distance from the Wadden Sea. Pictures will follow shortly!

Type: 8-person holiday home

Baayvilla 10

New: Baayvilla’s, National Park Lauwersmeer

Enjoy this brand new, luxurious eight-person holiday home with the whole family, within walking distance from the Wadden Sea. Spacious sunny terrace at the Lauwersmeer; ideal for nature lovers and birdwatchers!




Baayvillas is the ideal retreat for water sports fans and those searching for tranquillity. Lauwersmeer is a beautiful nature reserve with many scenic views and diversity.



On the Lauwersmeer, you can follow various boating routes set out by the Dutch Society for the Preservation of nature (Natuurmonumenten). By boat you will pass various spots where you can watch beautiful birds. Furthermore, you can naturally sail, surf, row and water-ski on the water of this vast lake. Via the southern side of the lake and winding rivers, you will be able to reach the Frisian lakes where you can also enjoy a wide array of water sports. The city of Groningen can also be reached by boat!

Wadden Sea World Heritage site

The Wadden Sea stretches across an area of 500 kilometres along the coasts of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Since 2009, this fantastic nature reserve has been added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites and has thus received an internationally protected status and this guarantees the preservation of this unique area.
In addition to the common seals, this part of nature is also home to a wide range of birds such as ducks, terns, gulls, waders and spoonbills. These species find food when they migrate and spend the winter or nest on the Wadden Sea. Various species of fish such as the herring, sole and plaice spawn here prior to returning to the North Sea. In short, a breeding site for many natural species.



At walking distance from the Baayvillas, you can take a ferry to the Dutch Wadden Island called 'Schiermonnikoog'. Take your bicycles along on the boat, the island is car-free!