Walks and cycling tours in Schoorl

Walks and cycling tours in Schoorl

Heide Schoorl

The Schoorl Dunes are a paradise for nature lovers and fans of the outdoors. Here you will find a unique combination of the Netherlands' most beautiful landscapes; the highest and widest dunes in the Netherlands, aromatically fragrant pine and deciduous forests, purple-blossoming heathlands and the sparkling sea. This area can be explored in many active ways. Hiking, cycling, mountain biking or horse riding - the choice is yours! 


In the Schoorl Dunes, all seasons are equally beautiful in their own way. In spring, nature and wildlife come back to life and in summer, mini-orchids bloom while the moors glow beautifully purple (according to an age-old rule of thumb, moors bloom from 08 August to 09 September every year). In autumn, the forest colours in beautiful autumn hues and you can discover more than 800 different species of mushrooms! Winter silence is nowhere more beautiful than in the dunes and along the lonely beaches. 


Walking routes in the Dunes of Schoorl 

The area around Schoorl is perhaps the most beautiful area in the Netherlands for walkers, with more than 60 kilometres of hiking trails. Below is a selection of some walking routes that take you through the Schoorl Dunes. These routes are marked with a coloured arrow and start at the Buitencentrum Schoorlse Duinen. 

  • The yellow route (4,4 km) is considered the ideal family walk. This route takes you past the famous Klimduin, among others.
  • The black route (5 km) is the original route: this walk takes you past parts of the nature reserve where a major fire raged years ago. 
  • The blue route (10 km) is a varied circular walk along dunes, forest, moors and the sea. 
  • With the purple route (11 km) you will pass the most beautiful moors, which are in full bloom in August. 
  • The green route (12 km) is called the tree planting tour, it takes you through the oldest forests of the nature reserve.
  • The white route (17 km) is called the Boswachterspad Stuifduinentocht. This route takes you through parts of the nature reserve where nature has complete freedom.
  • The red route (23 km) is the longest route in the area. This so-called Dune Top Trail takes you along the highest row of dunes in the area. 

Cycling in Schoorl

Cyclists also get their money's worth in the Schoorl Dunes. Apart from walking, cycling is the only way to reach the beach and the sea directly. The hilly dune landscape makes for very varied and pleasant cycling. The dune tops offer several beautiful views.


One of the most beautiful cycling routes around Schoorl is the Brede Duinen Route. This 41-kilometre tour takes you through beautiful dune areas, forests, the polder and picturesque villages. Would you rather go off on your own? Then you can use the junction system. You can find more information about this system and an overview map at the VVV office in the Buitencentrum Schoorlse Duinen. 


When the weather is nice, don't forget to bring swimwear: in about 15 minutes you can cycle straight to the sea. The beaches of Schoorl aan Zee have won awards for their beauty and clear seawater: the Schoorl beaches are annually voted among the ten most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands. 


Mountainbike trail in Schoorl

In the Schoorl Dunes, you will find the most challenging and beautiful mountain bike terrain in the Netherlands and perhaps even in Europe! This 14-kilometre route was created in 1996 and takes you on narrow paths along the most beautiful parts of the dune landscape. Those who do not want to cover the entire route can also regularly switch to the regular cycle path. The starting coordinates of the mountain bike route are N 52.68526, E 4.69792. You can hire a Mountain Bike at Mountainbike Huren Schoorl or at Off Road Centre Schoorl


Horse riding in Schoorl

The sandy paths and beautiful scenery in the Schoorl Dunes are ideal for outdoor rides. Duinmanege van Poelenburgh offers a wide choice of outdoor rides through the dunes and on the beach, suitable for both beginners and advanced riders