Dark Sky at Baayvilla’s in Lauwersoog

Dark Sky at Baayvilla’s in Lauwersoog


When was the last time you experienced true darkness outdoors? Pure darkness is becoming increasingly rare. There is almost always artificial light around, for instance from sports fields, greenhouses, roads or houses. The Netherlands is one of the most light-polluted countries in the world. Finding a place where it is still really dark and where you can see a clear sky loaded with stars is not so easy. Here it is!


Official Dark Sky Park designation

Lauwersmeer National Park - in the far north of the Netherlands - was officially declared a Dark Sky Park in 2016. An area where you can experience the magical darkness as there is hardly any artificial light. Visitors are welcome to the park at night to experience the unparalleled darkness and enjoy stunning starry skies. On a clear day, you can get a good view of the Milky Way and, with a bit of luck, even the Northern Lights!


Go out with the forest ranger or explore the park on your own. There are two sky platforms - Achter de Zwarten and Vlinderbalg - where you can properly experience the starry sky. These observation towers have been specially designed to make the most of this twinkling natural beauty in the sky when the weather is clear. At Activity Centre Lauwersnest, you can also enjoy the starry night sky. On the night map you can see exactly where you are looking. 


Its designation as a Dark Sky Park is quite special. Worldwide, only 41 nature parks have been designated as Dark Sky sites, including Death Valley and Grand Canyon. In the Netherlands, only one more nature reserve has been designated as a Dark Sky Park - De Boschplaat on Terschelling.

At its darkest

Winter is the perfect time to visit the Dark Sky Park. The sun sets early and sinks deep behind the horizon. As a result, you experience the darkest nights in winter. Unsurprisingly, animals find Lauwersmeer National Park a fine habitat. Dark and quiet; perfect conditions to leave their hiding places and go hunting. Put your ear to the ground and hear the nightlife of the animals around you. Deer, bats, owls, hares and hedgehogs as well as Scottish Highlanders and Konik horses.


Winter at Baayvilla’s

From your comfortable Baayvilla, right on the Lauwersmeer, you will enjoy your lovely holiday home, the peace and quiet, the beautiful view over the water and of course the darkness in the evenings. The Dark Sky Park is at your doorstep and is of course a must go, but also on the terrace of your Baayvilla you will experience the darkness and the enchanting starry sky.


Some villas have a private whirlpool on the terrace for you to enjoy. Just imagine yourself in the warm water - the winter cold all around you - watching the sparkling starry sky together from your own whirlpool. Feel free to grab a glass of bubbles because it will be a magical evening. You can warm up after a cold winter walk or a day on the Wadden Sea in your private sauna at Baayvilla. Make it a wonderful winter wellness holiday!


On the terrace is a fireplace where you can barbecue or warm up so you can spend lovely winter evenings outside. Naturally, you will sleep like a baby here by the dark Lauwersmeer. So you will return from your holiday well rested.