Sustainable holiday homes

Sustainable holiday homes

Sustainable holiday homes

The Dutchen villas, lodges and suites are without exception located in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. Places where you can enjoy your free time in nature. Sustainable development & exploitation have been leading themes from the first project developed by Dutchen.


Spatial integration and biodiversity


Dutchen holiday homes are characterised by their location in the middle of or close to nature reserves; usually created on existing recreational sites. With the help of a landscape architect and ecologist, the accommodations are placed in such a way that the surrounding nature becomes part of the development. In particular, 'location-specific vegetation' is used, with limited maintenance so that nature can develop by itself.

Examples of transformations include an existing recreational area with mainly grass, lying in the dunes, which will be brought back to an authentic dune landscape by means of sand drifts and vegetation from the surrounding dunes. In this way, biodiversity is stimulated and our guests experience the beautiful dune landscape from their homes. A similar example is a development in which the current high concrete quays are being transformed into natural banks in which reed can grow so that various species of birds can nest in them. Nature gets the space and Dutch guests stay even more in between nature, in places where water and land meet in the most beautiful way.


Use of materials, purchasing and waste management


The holiday homes of Dutchen and the sites where they are located are mainly realized with natural reusable materials. In this way, the use of PVC is counteracted where possible. The construction of the holiday residences from FSC approved wood contributes to a sustainable realisation but also to a low energy consumption. New developments will be provided with no-gas heating installations and charging points for electric bicycles and cars will be taken into account in the homes.


Equipment for the homes is selected on the most economical energy label AA+.


In order to reduce the number of transport movements in the operation, mainly local partners are recruited for cleaning and maintenance. The same applies to our employees, who live near the holiday homes. This is sustainable in a number of ways; not only are emissions limited but local employment is also stimulated and the local economy benefits from the Dutchen holiday parks. Dutchen also cooperates with local partners when it comes to bicycle rental or breakfast service.


Social impact


Dutchen develops distinctive projects. Through the market approach and the choices made in the development of the holiday parks, Dutchen attracts guests who are more concerned with their surroundings and value more importance to a sustainable holiday. This is reflected in the number of guests who contribute to 'Just Diggit' when making a reservation, an organisation that is committed to a green, liveable planet by preserving and restoring eco- and climate systems.

Dutchen parks do not have any central facilities and guests are encouraged to make use of the local middle class by working together with Dutchen. Guests are actively encouraged to go out and get to know their surroundings.