Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

A good result is achieved by investing in quality in the longer term; this is in line with the business philosophy of Dutchen. Dutchen contributes to corporate social responsibility in various ways.


Dutchen supports Justdiggit is committed to creating a green, liveable planet for now and for the future. The organisation Justdiggit works hard to preserve and restore eco- and climate systems and prevents their destruction caused by climate change and overexploitation. They do this by applying special rainwater and soil protection techniques at strategically chosen locations in e.g. East Africa and Morocco. Dutchen supports Justdiggit and gives you, as a guest of Dutchen, the opportunity to contribute by making a donation when making a reservation for a Dutchen holiday home.


Sustainable holiday homes


The Dutchen villas, lodges and suites are without exception located in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. Places where you can enjoy your free time in nature. Sustainable development & exploitation have been leading themes from the first project developed by Dutchen. Read more >


Waste sorting and cleaning in the holiday parks


During their stay, guests are encouraged to separate waste through waste bins with different compartments and waste stations for different types of waste.

The cleaning team works  with biodegradable cleaning agents as much as possible and uses the microfibre cloth technique in order to keep the use of cleaning agents to a minimum.


Bicycle rental 


Dutchen rents out bicycles and stimulates guests to explore the surroundings as much as possible in a non-demanding way.


Dutchen rides green


Dutchen has a fleet of cars that include fully hybrid or plug-in hybrids. Because of this conscious choice, Dutchen contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Dutchen sponsors


Dutchen believes in contributing to the sports development of young people and in this context sponsors various sports clubs, such as:

  • Skating rink Kennemerland Haarlem
  • Hockey club Bloemendaal
  • Hockey club Alliance
  • Hockey club Castricum
  • HDM 'Haagse'Hockey Association
  • Soccer club Duinrand Schoorl