Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our philosophy


Dutchen; the most inspiring rental label



‘By doing ordinary things unusually well, we want to inspire our guests and owners. In special holiday homes, located in a unique place surrounded by nature, you experience personal service. Dutchen stands for Fine, Pure and Different.’


Dutchen offers fine carefree holiday experiences in attractive and fully serviced holiday homes far away from everyday worries, in more and less well-known places but always surrounded by nature. A place where you can choose between moments of total relaxation and adventurous discoveries. The worries of everyday life fade away for a while and your inner balance is restored, giving you new energy and allowing you to return to everyday life with renewed inspiration and vitality!


Enjoying a holiday in luxury: PURE - PLEASANT - DIFFERENT.


Dutchen uses sustainable materials as much as possible, matching the location and the surrounding nature and environment. With us, you are surrounded by the purity of nature. Everything revolves around a pleasant holiday experience. The service of our enthusiastic team, your luxury holiday home, the many extras and the unique location contribute to this. A holiday at Dutchen is different; you won't find any masses or entertainment, but instead beautiful, unique holiday homes in nature. Here you can relax and enjoy each other and what really matters.


Enjoy your leisure time in luxury

In need of a short or longer holiday? A change of scenery is usually inspiring. Combine that with accommodation that feels like a comfortable second home, and you have the ultimate holiday feeling. We limit our offer to high-quality luxury holiday homes and villas and excel in personal service. We like to surprise you with quality, service and reliability.


Luxury and comfort

At Dutchen's holiday villas you will find all the luxury and comfort you need for that relaxed, pure holiday feeling. A rainy day becomes a wonderful wellness day, thanks to your own Finnish sauna and outdoor shower in the garden. In the evening, you can relax together in the Jacuzzi and enjoy a clear starry sky. With the Quooker you can easily make a cup of tea after a long walk on the beach. And in the wine cooler, a delicious bottle of wine is waiting for you to enjoy after a few hours of wandering through the woods together.



Dutchen offers just that little bit extra, ordinary things uncommonly good. Personal attention for every guest by the enthusiastic Dutchen team. We call it Dutchen's Way to Wow! Upon arrival in your holiday home, the beds are made and luxury bath towels are waiting for you. Coffee cups for the Nespresso machine, lovely fragrances for the sauna; we arrange it all so your holiday can start immediately. At many of our locations, we offer a sandwich service, so you can enjoy delicious fresh croissants from the local bakery in the morning. Of course, we also make sure your holiday home is cleaned for you after your wonderful stay.


One with the environment

Nothing is more beautiful and surprising than nature. If you jog through the dunes early in the morning, you might come face to face with a curious Scottish Highlander. Or maybe on a forest walk you will discover colourful mushrooms you never knew existed. The Dutch coast does not get boring easily either; there are still many quiet beaches where you feel like you are alone in the world. Dutchen only chooses special locations for its holiday parks surrounded by nature, at the coast, near nature and on the Wadden Sea. Unique places where you can optimally experience this feeling. Away from the crowd and at one with the environment.